What is NetMap?

"We reveal the invisible truths hidden in your data"

Introduction to NetMap Analytics P/L

NetMap Analytics has over the past 15 years consistently provided innovation in the field of Network Data Mining (NDM), our analytical services utilize the latest technology available in the  Data Visualization arena. Contact Us now.

The process of visualization not only relies on the content of large multiple data sources but most importantly the “instinct” of the analyst. The intuitive process empowers our analysts to discover hidden diamonds of information buried deep in your data.

Patterns, links and nodes are used to provide the structure to identify relationships in the source data that would not be found by the more prescriptive process that is typically applied in data mining exercises. The visualization software was conceived and developed in-house and has been deployed within government agencies, commercial, retail and medical research organizations to assist in understanding and therefore solving many and very diverse problems.

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The discovery of unknown linkages can lead to improvements of policies and procedures to maximize retail loss prevention, a more in-depth analysis maybe required to uncover a terrorist network, insider trader or a mass murderer. Over the years Netmap has been successfully applied to all of these applications.

So whether you are battling to understand why your stock shrinkage is on the rise, your marketing segmentation is missing the target, or you are just having trouble finding the hierarchy of a criminal gang, call NetMap Analytics for assistance.

We offer the choice of providing you with the software and training for an in-house solution or NetMap can complete the task on a consultancy basis, providing you with all the reports and insights required for a solution to your problem.

Why not call us on 84368600 for an onsite demonstration or a video conference to establish where NetMap can give you power over your data? Contact us with this form.