What is DetectR ?

DetectR is a cloud based software which enables the Loss Prevention Team to pull together all their data, allowing for easy manipulation, visual graphing and efficient investigating of Transactions of Interest (TOIs).  No more bottlenecks of data – keep your fraud team one step ahead, productive and efficient – to ultimately grow your organisation’s bottom line!

How it Works:


Data Extraction

To kick off, our team work with you and understand the data and the sources. We take these templates of data and set up your DetectR account to begin processing your millions of transactions from POS and the back office.


Identify Transactions of Interest (TOIs)

With over 30 years of working with retailers, we know the common Transactions of Interest (TOIs) that are likely to pop up in a retail environment, for example, returns without a receipt triggering a cash refund. We work with your team to identify transactions that are unique to your organisation, setting up your DetectR account to include these in your library of Transactions of Interest.


Start Exploring the Data

Each of your team members receives a username and password and can login wherever, whenever!

Skip the data manipulation that used to take hours and hours and start deep diving into the transactions. Graphically, compare and contrast stores and drill down to determine which specific stores and which sales staff are the perpetrators.


Use Saved Investigative Pathways

Our customers love how DetectR allows them to save investigative pathways. Start your morning getting to the heart of the data; use your saved investigative pathways to lead you to the Transactions of Interest (TOIs) quickly. Don’t wait months before a potentially fraudulent transaction has been investigated; jump on it quickly!


A More Productive & Efficient Fraud Investigation

Use DetectR to manage your  whole fraud investigation. You will quickly see; a stronger bottom line, opportunities to refine training, an efficient and productive Loss Prevention Team and send the message that this organisation takes fraud seriously!


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Your Security is a Priority

The safety of your data is our priority. We use military level encryption to ensure it’s safe.

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