Why Use DetectR?

DetectR arms the Loss Prevention Team with actionable insights to reduce fraud. Efficiencies quickly become apparent across finance, training and within the Loss Prevention Team!


Improve Your Bottom Line

Do you know what percent of turnover is shrinkage? It’s likely to be between 0.5% and 2%. How much accounts for fraud? We estimate that it could account for up to 40% of shrinkage!


Doing the maths – on a $800m turnover, that’s $16m on shrinkage, of which fraud could account for 6.4m! Any CFO would love to restore this amount back to their profit result!


Refine Training

Often questionable transactions are not fraud, but a procedural misunderstandings or weakness in training. DetectR allows you to find common transactional mistakes across your organisation, highlighting training needs and process refinement. Freeing up the Loss Prevention Team to focus on the true fraud.


Stop Hunting for Data, Zoom in on Fraud Quickly

DetectR gives you a dashboard that contains all the information you need to come to accurate, fast and meaningful decisions related to fraud investigation. DetectR does this hard work for you, so you can get on with what you do best – finding the data to back up your investigative intuition. Fast and efficient access to data means a more productive Loss Prevention Team!


A Productive Investigative Workflow

We tailor a library of ‘Transactions of Interest’ (TOIs) specifically for your stores. At the click of a few buttons you will quickly start to graphically see where there are weaknesses and fraud is potentially taking place. DetectR allows you to save that investigative pathway and return to it daily; saving you hours of daily data manipulation and research.


With the ease of data manipulation your organisation will switch from reactive to proactive; finding fraud rather than waiting for it to be presented. Give your management team the confidence that loss prevention is actively being tackled within your organisation.


Keep the Fraud Team One Step Ahead

If an organization doesn’t jump on employee fraud quickly it spreads. By simply asking a store manager – why, who, what – you are showing that transactions are being monitored and that even though employees know the systems intimately, you are one step ahead.


Graphically Depict Transactions of Interest (TOI)

A the click of a button get a visual of transactions of interest, then compare and contrast that to other stores. Determine if it’s a trend storewide or drill down to determine if it’s one perpetrator.

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