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Visualise Data for Holistic Business Outcomes

DetectR is the latest cloud-based visual analytics tool from NetMap Analytics. The ability to combine information from various siloed platforms into a single data management dashboard is incredibly powerful. Visualising that data for intuitive analysis is NetMap’s specialty.

DetectR - Fraud Detection for Retail

Retail Loss Prevention

Empower your loss prevention team. Use DetectR to find POS fraud.

Monitor to prevent Corporate Fraud

Corporate, Government & Marketing

Uncover a multitude of opportunities within impenetrable data.

Fraud Investigations

Criminal Investigators & Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Liberate your investigators. Spend less time crunching, more time detecting.

Enhanced Data Analytics – More Than Just Exception Reporting

The key to success in data analysis is extracting actionable insights for business improvements. DetectR not only provides exception reporting but a heightened level of sophistication through visual charting. Beyond simple discovery of fraudulent activities, DetectR‘s added functionality gives teams the ability to prevent its reoccurrence by monitoring. Combining the analyst’s knowledge of the business with DetectR‘s versatility means the discovery of anomalies buried deep within data becomes simpler and faster.

Procedural Improvements: Synergies Across Departments

DetectR‘s functionality includes monitoring of results to establish trends in activity.  Our clients have found this most beneficial in highlighting failures in established processes. For example, DetectR can identify a sales team that is consistently not compliant with an important policy. This can be for many reasons: the team is not trained, not supportive of the policy, referring to an old policy, have created their own ways of working or something more malicious such as fraud.

Compliance monitoring, auditing and internal control reporting is required to fully understand how breaches of process occur and why. Employees are the experts in processes for their roles and will know how to exploit loopholes. Compliance reporting gives management insights into how work is actually performed rather than how the process is documented.

Because time spent on manipulating and crunching data is dramatically reduced, analysts can shift their efforts to being solutions focused and proactive. In this way, insights from data are not isolated to a particular team with a unique focus, but rather have benefits that impact the greater business.

This functionality can be achieved with minimal load on IT departments and provide the users with a greater remit within the organisation as they are now able to provide valuable input beyond simple reporting.

Our Customers

Who Uses Data Visualisation?

NetMap Analytics give the tools to the analysis teams to increase productivity. The analysts, auditors or loss prevention staff use their time being proactive and utilising their intuition for investigation, rather than data manipulation. The Analytical Pathways that have proven to be successful can be saved and rerun with a click. Data analysis provides a method for business owners to better understand where their financial risks might lay and to better understand a business activity. In the case of our clients experiencing staff fraud, the mere knowledge that DetectR is now in use acts as a deterrent in itself and results improve.

With 20 year experience in the field, we are proud to have helped retail, government, corporate, insurance, criminal and marketing departments to unlock deeper insights. DetectR has been used to assist in understanding and solving diverse and elusive problems ranging from fraudulent behaviour, marketing segmentation, criminal investigations and compliance failures.

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