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NetMap Analytics has over the past 20 years consistently provided innovations in the field of data analytics,  audits for retail, government and corporate. Our recently developed analytical software package call DetectR, utilises the very latest technologies available in the cloud based data visualisation arena. Our process not only relies upon the content of large multiple data sources but most importantly the “instinct” and domain knowledge of the analyst using the software. This Data Management Platform (DMP) allows the intuitive process to be used and along with the ongoing monitoring establishes patterns of behavior that your analysts uses to discover anomalies buried deep within the data source.


Case Management Dashboard

Critically, this cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) has application across a wide variety of business arenas including Retail, Government, Commercial, Insurance, Criminal and Marketing departments. The organisations use it to assist in understanding and thereby solving many diverse and elusive problems ranging from fraudulent behavior, marketing opportunities, criminal investigations and compliance failures. Providing ongoing monitoring of processes and procedures is another important function of the software, this in turn highlights situations where a procedure is inadequate to control fraud or training is failing to keep abreast of procedural changes.

After all the whole purpose of collecting data is to obtain a better understanding of an event or activity. As far as businesses go, this data is ideal for keeping track of transactions as they are processed. In modern day business, where digital transactions are now commonplace, data analysis provides a way for business owners to better understand their financial activities.

The benefit? A deterrent for any criminals hoping to exploit loopholes within a system, an added security measure for consumers and buyers, and a business that can function far more efficiently than one that operates without data analysis tools.

This functionality can be achieved without any excessive load on the IT departments and provides the users with a greater remit within the organisation as they are now in a position to provide valuable input to not only where fraud is occurring but the likely causes be it procedural or training issues.


The fraudster never sleeps and therefore as new opportunities for fraud arise they will be detected by DetectR.

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NetMap Analytics provides the analysts with all the tools and the data in one easy to use (Case Management Dashboard)  to increase productivity. The analysts/auditors/ loss prevention staff have more time to use their intuition, industry knowledge and skills on analysis NOT data manipulation. Transactions of Interest (TOI) that lead to the real transgressors are discovered rapidly within massive data sets. The Analytical Pathways that have proven to be successful can be saved and rerun at the click of the mouse for still more efficiency.

DetectR - Fraud Detection for Retail

Retail Loss Prevention

Empower your loss prevention team. DetectR is the latest software and analytical services package to deter POS fraud in Retail.

Monitor to prevent Corporate Fraud

Corporate and Government

Motivate your compliance teams by monitoring large date sources to uncover a multitude of methods to usurp regulations and laws.

Fraud Investigations

Criminal Investigators

Liberate your investigators trapped at desks trawling through rows and columns of spreadsheets.

Fraudulent Claims

Insurance Claims

Enable your investigators and loss assessors to deliver superior results faster, more effectively and at less cost.

Retail Marketing


Reveal hidden marketing opportunities within your retail POS data: who’s buying what, when and in which stores.

Fraud Detection Software

Technical Information

Monitoring to flag, alert or alarm instances or events that breach compliance rules.

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