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The data at your finger tips to make informed decisions.

Remove Data Silos And Deliver Insights Easily 

Our expertise is in transforming mountains of disassociated data into understandable, actionable business intelligence.

We combine all your separate data into one system, convert it to drag and drop graphs and let you do your analysis on a simple dashboard. Then we’ll show you how to repeat your process with just a click. 

DetectR - Fraud Detection for Retail

Retail Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention Teams Find More Fraud.

Monitor to prevent Corporate Fraud

Corporate & Government

Discover Game Changing Insights.

Fraud Investigations

Criminal Investigators

Less Time Mapping, More Time Detecting.

What Is A Data Silo?

A silo is created when a system that collects data on a specific topic is not integrated. People often say, ‘the systems don’t talk to each other’. In order to gather real insights, this data needs to be combined with other sources of intel. It needs to be extracted and manually mapped to other silos. Once complete, the user is left with a large amount of data that is difficult to analyse in million or billion row spreadsheets.

There is a better way. That’s where we come in.

We’ll do the extracting, mapping, blending, de-duping and visualisation of the data and help you to easily and quickly find insights. Then comes the fun part. We go about capturing how you think; we’ve called this Intuitive Pathway. Your Intuitive Pathways are then stored, ready for you to rerun with different variables. This is truly unique. This is the time-saving game changer.


Broad Application Data Analytics

Access to data should be easy, visualising the data should be a breeze, and analysing the data should be the focus. 


Spend time investigating and delivering business intelligence, not manipulating data.

Our Customers

Focus On What You're Good At. We'll Do The Rest.

It’s Simple And It’s Fast

The key to success in data analysis is extracting actionable insights for business improvements. The key to a heightened level of sophistication in insights is our visual charting. Combining the user’s knowledge of the business with DetectR‘s versatility means deeper business intelligence is only a dashboard away. 

From Reactive to Proactive

Time spent on harvesting data from siloed systems, manipulating cleansing data is dramatically reduced, so users can shift their efforts to being solutions focused.

Easy Implementation

Functionality can be achieved with minimal load on IT departments.

This Is Our Forte 

With 20 year experience in the field, we are proud to have helped retail, government, corporate, insurance, criminal and marketing departments to unlock deeper insights. 

Use DetectR to assist in understanding and solving diverse problems and answering elusive questions.

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