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Government departments and large businesses accumulate vast amounts of data through multiple systems. Those who aim to be data-driven businesses have begun the transfer of information into data lakes or data warehouses. To get the data into this extracted, mapped and blended state requires a significant amount of time and technical know-how. Once the information is into these massive data lakes or data warehouses, smaller users become isolated from the information they need due to the complexity of the new system. It becomes perplexing for users (analysts, auditors and compliance officers) without technical expertise to access their information. Often, requests to IT are required to extract data and the result is millions or billions of rows. 


There is a better way. That’s where we come in.


We take the siloed information, crunch and connect it to all other sources of data, then morph it into live graphs and charts so that it is available to everyone that needs it. If its already in a data warehouse, we can help there too.


We enable the end user regardless of their technical proficiency, to unlock the treasure trove of opportunity hiding in their data.  For auditors and those working in compliance, we deliver the data into a simple visual Case Management Dashboard for all their investigations. 


We make it exceptionally easy to find process errors that were previously buried, deliver cost savings through new insights, highlight inefficiencies and find complex employee fraud. We then utilise DetectR‘s Intuitive Pathways to record the way you found insights or fraud and repeat it for other scenarios. 


It’s very clever.



Crossed Wires Could Have Spelled Disaster For One TelCo

NetMap can help audit complex systems and processes for anomalies and clashes. We recently identified a billing problem that would have affected thousands of customers for one telecommunications company. Given the dynamic nature of the industry where new prices, products and promotions are being introduced every week, NetMap was able to flag the problem before it caused reputational damage and huge frustration.

Serious Breaches Suddenly Obvious

Hidden patterns and relationships become obvious targets for further investigations. Serious breaches in policy can be discovered and addressed before they become terminal. The results are startling particularly in Audit and Internal Compliance cases.

Is It Working?

Once a problem has been uncovered it is essential to monitor the effectiveness of any remedial actions. Just to name a few these may include: training, revamping of procedures or legal ramifications. By using your database of Intuitive Pathways to monitor results, you can determine if changes are having the desired effect.


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