The Retail Marketing Dashboard

Marketing segmentation for Retail and Corporate.

Traditional segmentation techniques rely on you to select the criteria e.g. sex, age, buying behaviour etc. NetMap is different: NetMap answers the questions you did not even know to ask. By simultaneously analysing millions of pieces of data, NetMap can identify groups of customers by criteria you would never have considered empowering the marketing professional to identify trends and purchasing habits, which can be used to great effect to promote brand loyalty and generally to strengthen customer relationships. On numerous occasions NetMap has found that many of these insights can be produced as an inexpensive addition to our retail fraud detection solution. Let me explain, to be able to detect fraud from POS we need most of the data produced by all Point of Sale/cash registers throughout the company.This data contains all sale quantities, values, all products sizes, colours and all store card information. That in-turn can be a gold mine of information for the marketing team and the cost is an incremental cost on top of the fraud detection system.Of course you can still use the system without the fraud component.
In one case, NetMap helped a leading Australian bank find three very specific, previously unconsidered groups of high value customers, each sharing their own distinctive characteristics or “fingerprints.” With NetMap you can pinpoint and target segments with a degree of accuracy never before possible.

Stay ahead of the competition

“If only we knew this …”. “If only we could find out that…”. Every marketer knows the frustration of turning data into usable knowledge. Knowledge is the power that can make or break a marketing initiative.
Of course there are dozens of tools professing to provide that knowledge. However, NetMap takes marketing intelligence to a new level of sophistication and when combined with the fraud detection module it’s unbeatable.

Reveal hidden marketing opportunities

NetMap’s unique technology relies on natural grouping strategies and grouping algorithms. Many opportunities can therefore be revealed that would be impossible using conventional techniques.
Marketers tend to be passionate about the accuracy of their databases. There can be very few data sources that are more accurate than that of the output from a cash register.

The View

Above is one of the visualisations of the data available on the marketer’s dashboard you may request when using this web-based system. This depicts from the right side, one customer’s purchases from 3 stores, next a list of products purchased from each store followed by the methods of purchase, different colours represent different card or payment types i.e. yellow is Visa, next the number of returns and finally the outlets where the purchases were returned. This is just one example, your personal intuition and industry knowledge will determine which view will provide you with the most marketing value.

The software is called DetectR and is a SaaS product (Software as a Service) which basically means we process all the data in the cloud and provide you with a secure web address and access to all the data via any web browser anywhere there is an internet connection.

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